Feed the Kitty

directed by Chuck Jones
List(s):"Fifty Greatest Cartoons"
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1952
Date Added:06/23/2014
Date Watched:12/30/2014
Description:Warner Bros.

Marc Anthony the dog finds a stray kitten in the alley. He tries to scare it, but the kitten climbs on his back and goes to sleep. Marc Anthony takes the kitten home, even though he's been told not to bring anything into the house. He goes to great lengths to keep his mistress from discovering the kitten. His actions get him kicked out of the house. He watches through the window as the kitten is apparently baked into a batch of cookies. He's distraught until he discovers the kitten is OK. He's caught holding it, but is told he can keep it.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Feed the Kitty

Review - Feed the Kitty

Not sure why, but this one didn't do a lot for me. Perhaps I didn't find the dog a sympathetic character.
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