Bimbo's Initiation

directed by Dave Fleischer
List(s):"Fifty Greatest Cartoons"
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:1931
Date Added:06/23/2014
Date Watched:06/27/2014
Description:Fleischer Studios

Bimbo the dog falls into an open manhole and is locked in by Mickey Mouse. He finds himself surrounded by oddly-costumed creatures who ask him if he wants to be a member. When he says no, he is put through a series of torture scenarios until he finds himself in a room with Betty Boop (when she still had dog ears). She asks him if he wants to be a member and Bimbo says yes. Then all the creatures take off their costumes to reveal that they are all Betty Boops.
My Rating:4

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Review - Bimbo's Initiation

This one was weird and disturbing, like it was drawn by somebody stuck between a bad drug trip and a sick dream.
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