Along Came a Spider

directed by Lee Tamahori
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:2001
Date Added:10/26/2014
Date Watched:10/26/2014
Description:Alex Cross (Morgan Freeman) is a policeman investigating the kidnapping of a senator's daughter from an elite private school. He teams with Jezzie Flannigan (Monica Potter) a secret service agent assigned to the school. The kidnapper leaves clues because he wants Cross, a criminal profiler, to make him famous. He also intends to use the girl to kidnap a second child, son of the Russian president. But then he loses the girl who has been kidnapped a second time by a security agent from the school who is in cahoots with ... Jezzie herself. Cross figures all this out and tracks her down and kills her and saves the girl.
My Rating:4

Reviews for Along Came a Spider

Review - Along Came a Spider

There are plot twists, and then there's just silly. Supposedly the original kidnapper posed as a school teacher for two years to kidnap a student who he would then have send secret messages to another student so he could kidnap him. While all this was going on, the security guard at the school and his secret service girlfriend figured it out waited until they could kidnap the student from the kidnapper and demand $10 million in diamonds, all while the girlfriend was posing as the policeman's partner . But then the secret service girlfriend killed her partner so she could have all the diamond. But the policeman hacked into her computer on a ridiculous hunch and tracked her down just as she was trying incompetently to kill a 12 year old girl. Just goofy. Morgan Freeman acted like he was asleep and Monica Potter like she was in a coma.
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