The Yakuza

directed by Sydney Pollack
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1974
Date Added:11/29/2014
Date Watched:11/29/2014
Description:Harry Kilmer (Robert Mitchum) is asked by his friend Tanner (Brian Keith) to go to Japan and help rescue his daughter from a Japanese gang. When Kilmer does this, he discovers that Tanner is in cahoots with the gang who are now gunning for Kilmer. He joins up with his old enemy, the husband of his wartime mistress, and together they defeat the bad guys and reconcile their differences.
My Rating:4

Reviews for The Yakuza

Review - Yakuza, The

It was basically all about Japanese warrior code of honor, with people engaging in sword fights to the death and cutting off their fingers to show their friends how intense they are. There was nobody to root for and I didn't much care if any of them lived.
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