directed by Adrian Lyne
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1983
Date Added:12/24/2014
Date Watched:12/24/2014
Description:Alex (Jennifer Beals) is a Pittsburgh welder by day and a dancer in a bar by night. She wants to be a ballet dancer but has had no training and is afraid to apply for an audition. She begins dating Nick, her boss, who has friends on the Arts Council. He arranges for her to get an audition. At first, Alex is angry because she wants to succeed on her own. But when she sees the lives her friends are living, she decides to take her shot.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Flashdance

Review - Flashdance

I've heard most of the songs a thousand times. There isn't much to the movie, and the character of Alex acted like a spoiled brat much of the time, so it was difficult to root for her. In the audition dance scene, a stand-in did the dancing and didn't look at all like Beals especially in the close-ups.
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