The Women on the 6th Floor

directed by Philippe Le Guay
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:2010
Date Added:12/27/2014
Date Watched:12/27/2014
Description:Jean-Louis, a French stockbroker and his bored wife hire a new maid, Maria (Natalia Verbeke). Through Maria, Jean-Louis meets the other maids who live in small rooms on the 6th floor of his building. He befriends them and helps them with various problems and, in the process, falls in love with Maria. Jean-Louis' wife thinks he's having an affair with a woman at work and kicks him out. He moves into the storage room on the 6th floor and becomes part of the lives of the women. Maria, who had to give up her son years ago, finds out where he is in Spain and goes to find him. Jean-Louis divorces his wife and finds her.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Women on the 6th Floor

Review - Women on the 6th Floor, The

A feel-good movie with great characters, but flawed by the storyline that accepts divorce and adultery as normal and, in this case, good.
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