The Bridges of Madison County

directed by Clint Eastwood
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1995
Date Added:12/31/2014
Date Watched:08/06/2015
Description:Robert Kincaid (Clint Eastwood) travels to Madison County, Ohio to photograph the covered bridges for National Geographic. He stops at the farmhouse of Francesca Johnson (Meryl Streep) whose husband and two kids are away at the state fair for a week. She rides along to show Robert how to get to a bridge and they're soon involved in an affair. He asks her to go away with him, and she's tempted, but decides to stay because she has more people's happiness to consider than just her own. Still, for the rest of her life, she considers those four days to be the fulfillment of her dreams. The story is told via flashbacks as her two grown children read her diaries after her death.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Bridges of Madison County

Review - Bridges of Madison County, The

Seductive in that it makes you feel sympathetic for two people who have an affair and care more about their own desires than they do about commitment. Francesca, in a letter written after her death, advises her to children to do whatever it takes to make themselves happy. For the son, it's a re-commitment to his own marriage. For the daughter, it's a separation from her husband. The movie was beautifully shot, although there really wasn't much time spent on the bridges themselves.
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