King Creole

directed by Michael Curtiz
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1958
Date Added:12/31/2014
Date Watched:02/02/2015
Description:Danny Fisher (Elvis) is a tough kid forced to make his own way when his mother dies and his father can't keep a job. He works as a busboy at a nightclub owned by Maxie Fields (Walter Matthau) where he gets to know Maxie's girl, Ronnie (Carolyn Jones). The owner of another nightclub, the King Creole, hires Danny as a singer and he soon becomes a hit. He begins dating Nellie (Delores hart), a good girl who wants to marry him. Maxie wants Danny at his club and blackmails him by having some of his goons trick Danny into helping with a robbery in which Danny's father is injured. When Maxie tells Danny's father what happened, Danny beats him up and then takes off with Ronnie. Maxie follows and kills Ronnie and then is killed in turn by Dummy, one of Maxie's goons who owns Danny a favor. Danny returns to King Creole and promises Nellie "someday, but not now."
My Rating:6

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Review - King Creole

Every thing works here except that Carolyn Jones' portrayal of Ronnie makes her absolutely undesirable. Walter Matthau has a good time playing bad guy Maxie Fields. It's all a bit melodramatic, but Elvis's acting is pretty good and the songs are better than those in most of his movies — and sung in more appropriate places.
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