The Gunfighter

directed by Henry King
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1950
Date Added:01/16/2015
Date Watched:01/06/2020
Description:Famous gunman Jimmy Ringo (Gregory Peck) wants to settle down on a ranch with Peggy (Helen Westcott) the woman he loves, and his son. But every punk in the west wants to make a name for himself by shooting Ringo down. Ringo stops in the town of Cayenne, where Peggy lives. Sheriff Strett (Millard Mitchell) is an old friend of Ringo's and lets him stay when he finds out what he wants. But there are problems. Three brothers of the last punk who tried to beat Ringo are on there way. And there's a local punk, Hunt Bromley (Skip Homeier) who's gunning for him too. The sheriff tries to run Hunt out of town. Peggy still loves Ringo and agrees to meet with him. She gives him a promise that she will think about going to him if he can settle down. Ringo gets on his horse to leave. Hunt steps around the corner and shoots him in the back. The sheriff wants to hang Hunt, but before he dies, Ringo says to let him go. Let Hunt live with the same fear that Ringo lived with, knowing that some day some punk would shoot him in the back.
My Rating:8

Reviews for The Gunfighter

Review - Gunfighter, The

The film is carried by the mood and characters, not by the action. Ringo feels bad about the men he killed. He doesn't want to kill any more, but punks keep pushing him. He just wants to settle down with Peggy and his son, and just when he thinks he might have the chance, he is killed. I like Peck's acting, but this was definitely one of his best films that I've seen.
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