The Conversation

directed by Francis Ford Coppola
List(s):"Movie One"
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1974
Date Added:01/18/2015
Date Watched:01/26/2015
Description:Harry Caul (Gene Hackman) is a private investigator skilled in bugging. He is hired to record the conversation of a young woman (Cindy Williams) and a young man. Harry manages to piece the conversation together and comes to the conclusion that the couple are in danger. His client, the director (Robert Duvall), is the woman's husband. He follows them to a hotel where he thinks he hears the woman being killed. He freaks out and runs, but then he finds out the director is dead. He listens to the conversation again and realizes the couple were plotting his murder. The director's assistant (Harrison Ford) tells Harry that "they" know he knows and will be watching him. Harry tears his apartment to pieces searching for the bug.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Conversation

Review - Conversation, The

An interesting concept — a conversation that sounds like it means one thing but really means another. But it was a very slow-moving movie and Harry's character was dull and unlikeable. It would have worked better as a short story.
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