directed by Alfonso Cuaron
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2013
Date Added:01/28/2015
Date Watched:01/28/2015
Description:A debris field hits and destroys the space shuttle and strands two people in space, Astronaut Matt (George Clooney) and Medical Doctor Ryan (Sandra Bullock). Using Matt's booster pack, they drift toward the International Space Station, arriving just as his power and Ryan's air give out. To prevent pulling Ryan away from the station, Matt surrenders himself and drifts into space. Ryan manages to get aboard, but her movements through the damaged station start a fire. She climbs aboard a damaged escape module as the station is destroyed. She's about to give up, but a dream of Matt gives her the motive to fight. She manages to steer the craft to an empty Chinese station and board just as the debris sends it hurtling toward earth. She climbs aboard the Chinese escape module and lands safely on earth.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Gravity

Review - Gravity

The sequence of events was implausible, but my chief complaint is that I didn't really care enough about the character to care if she made it back to earth. There was nothing to indicate that she would do anything worthwhile with a second chance.
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