Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

directed by Stephen Herek
List(s):"Movie Two"
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1989
Date Added:02/04/2015
Date Watched:01/25/2018
Description:Two losers,Ted (Keanu Reeves) and Bill (Alex Winter) are about to flunk high-school history if they don't give an excellent final report. Rufus (George Carlin) shows up from the future with a time-travel phone booth. The two boys travel around time collecting famous people—Freud, Lincoln, Napoleon, Billy the Kid, Socrates, etc. They bring them into the present to help them give a report, but first they have to bust them out of jail for causing disturbances in the mall. The report goes excellently. Rufus reveals that he came from the future to make sure the boys stayed friends so they could be stars in their band Wyld Stallyons because their music brings world peace in the future.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Review - Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure

Stupid, yes, but fun. You actually can't help rooting for Bill and Ted. I'm not sure how to explain why the historical figures were so willing to go along with the scheme, but who cares. Party on, dude!
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