directed by Ivan Reitman
List(s):"Movie Two"
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1993
Date Added:02/06/2015
Date Watched:06/01/2021
Description:Dave Kovic (Kevin Kline) is looks just like the President. He's asked to impersonate him while the President has an affair. But the President has a stroke. Bob Alexander, the chief of staff, wants power and convinces Dave to keep pretending to be the President. But Dave soon has other ideas and starts to push a jobs-for-everyone platform. When Bob fights it, Dave fires him. Bob brings out an old scandal that the President was involved in. By this time, the President's wife Ellen (Sigourney Weaver) has figured out Dave isn't her husband, and she's totally behind him. Together they work out a plan in which Dave admits the President's wrongdoing, then pretends to have a stroke. But the body that makes it to the hospital is the real President's. The VP takes over and pushes Dave's platform. Dave decides to run for local government and, after the ex-President dies, Ellen looks him up.
My Rating:7

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Except for the part where they portray the Democrats as the party that actually cares for people, it was pretty good.
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