Air Force One

directed by Wolfgang Petersen
List(s):"Movie Two"
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1997
Date Added:02/07/2015
Date Watched:08/18/2016
Description:Russian extremists hijack Air Force One in an attempt to capture President Marshall (Harrison Ford) to force him to release their leader. Marshall eludes the terrorists and attempts to retake the plane. His efforts are complicated because his wife and daughter are on board. The bad guys, led by Ivan (Gary Oldman), begin killing hostages while the V.P. (Glenn Close) in D.C. tries to keep the cabinet from declaring the President unable to perform his duties. A lot of people die, but in the end the President wins the fight and his family is saved and the bad guys are killed in the midst of some dubious special effect plane crashes.
My Rating:6

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Review - Air Force One

I remember liking it when it came out, but now it just seems laughable. I like Harrison Ford, but he just doesn't come across tough enough to pull this off.
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