The Book Thief

directed by Brian Percival
Category: "War"
Year of Release:2013
Date Added:03/11/2015
Date Watched:03/11/2015
Description:Liesel (Sophie Nelisse) is a young German girl who is sent to live with foster parents because her mother is a Communist. Her stepfather Hans (Geoffrey Rush) takes to her immediately and teaches her to read. Her stepmother is a hard woman, but loves her in her own way. When WWII begins, the family hides Max, a young Jewish friend, in their basement. Liesel befriends him and reads to him through a long illness from books she "borrows" from the mayor's house. Realizing he's putting the family at risk, Max takes off. Then Hans is drafted and injured. Liesel's young friend Rudy, is picked to be a Hitler youth. And then the bombs hit and everyone is killed except Liesel. Max returns after the war and finds her. Liesel lives a long, productive life.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Book Thief

Review - Book Thief, The

Beautifully shot, with great acting and good characters. Sophie Nelisse, as Liesel, in particular, grew on me. But somehow the story just wasn't interesting. Rather than a look at WWII through a young girl's eyes, or even a story about the characters, it was just a parade of WWII movie cliches that was drowning in its own self-importance.

Watched it again on the day I finished reading the book. I liked it better this time, but only because I knew the characters already. The movie isn't long enough to develop any of them well except Liesel and Max.
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