Ernest & Celestine

directed by Stephane Aubier
Category: "Animation"
Year of Release:2012
Date Added:05/20/2015
Date Watched:05/20/2015
Description:In a world where Bears live on the surface and mice underneath, a world where mice need bear teeth to replace their own but are deathly afraid of bears live to outcasts. Celestine is a little mouse who isn't afraid of bears. She doesn't want to collect bear teeth, she wants to be an artist. Ernest doesn't want to be a judge, he just wants to make music. Celestine is caught and almost eaten by Ernest. She convinces him to rob a candy store instead. He is arrested. Celestine helps him escape in exchange for robbing a bear dentist. They become fugitives and friends, chased by mouse and bear police. The hide in out in Ernest's house but get caught eventually, Ernest by the mice, Celestine by the bears. There's a fire during the trial and all the spectators leave, leaving Ernest to save the mouse judge and Celestine to save the bear judge. They are pardoned and live happily ever after as friends.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Ernest & Celestine

Review - Ernest & Celestine

The animation was cute, as were the characters (and friendship) of Ernest and Celestine. But the whole tooth robbing thing was a bit goofy.
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