The Cobbler

directed by Thomas McCarthy
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:2014
Date Added:06/21/2015
Date Watched:06/21/2015
Description:Max (Adam Sandler) is a cobbler in New York. He discovers a machine in his shop basement that allows him to assume the identity of anyone whose shoes we wears. He follows the neighborhood tough and finds out about a deal with a wealthy woman. She's paying the guy to kill and old man so she can get her hands on his apartment for a development. Max takes on others' identities and goes for the money but is soon in deep and in trouble. The tough guy tries to kill him and Max accidentally kills him. He decides to go straight, but it isn't easy. He finally manages to escape and stop the woman's scheme. The barber next door reveals that he's Max's father (wearing the barber's shoes) and he tells Max that he needs to use his power for good.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Cobbler

Review - Cobbler, The

Interesting premise, but kinda dumb. I guess I never really cared much about Max's character, which kept me from caring much about the movie.
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