Riders of the Timberline

directed by Lesley Selander
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1941
Date Added:08/08/2015
Date Watched:08/08/2015
Description:Hopalong Cassidy (Willilam Boyd) and his sidekicks Johnny and California help a lumberman who is being attacked by a rival outfit. They pretend to switch sides and find out the bad guys are trying to blow up a dam. They ride a log skyline and stop them after Hopalong dives into the river, grabs the dynamite and throws it to the log where the bad guys are shooting at him.
My Rating:3

Reviews for Riders of the Timberline

Review - Riders of the Timberline

I know this was just made for kids who didn't have television and to whom this sort of thing would have been exciting — no matter how low the budget. But the acting and dialog were awful and the plot just a silly excuse to have William Boyd shoot some bad guys. Boyd was 46 when this was shot and looked every bit of it. My favorite part was when he jumped into the river, dived below the surface and came up in time to grab the dynamite — all while wearing his cowboy hat.
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