directed by Sam Mendes
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2015
Date Added:11/13/2015
Date Watched:11/12/2015
Description:James Bond (Daniel Craig) receives a message from his recently-deceased boss to seek out and kill a man involved with her death. When Bond does, he discovers a huge organization called SPECTRE, devoted to evil. He tracks down Madeleine Swann (Lea Seydoux) the daughter of another member and together they seek the head of the group, who turns out to be Blofeld's son (Christoph Waltz). Blofeld is building a huge intelligence system that can monitor the actions of every government and every person. Bond destroys the main base but discovers that C, the new head of British Intelligence, is part of SPECTRE and is about to put the whole British data base on the system. With help from the new M (Ralph Fiennes), Q Ben Whishaw) and Moneypenny (Naomie Harris), he manages to put a stop to the plot. Blofeld shows up to attempt to kill Bond one more time, but Bond defeats him, lets him live and walks off with Madeleine.
My Rating:7

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Review - Spectre

The plot was difficult to follow at times. It wasn't always clear how Bond figured out where to go next, or why he thought the sketchy bit of info he had was reason enough to follow up on. Throughout the movie, there were reminders of scenes from past films, and the whole thing had a bit of a retro feel to it. Dan Craig is looking a bit old (he's 47) but still acts young enough to pull off the action scenes. Lea Seydoux was well cast as his girl for most of the movie.
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