The Bounty Hunter

directed by Andy Tennant
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:2010
Date Added:11/20/2015
Date Watched:11/20/2015
Description:Milo Boyd (Gerard Butler) is a bounty hunter being chased by bookies for gambling debts. He's given a bail-jumping case — his ex-wife reporter Nicole (Jennifer Aniston). She was due in court for bumping a police horse with her car and skipped because she had a lead in a story about crooked cops selling drugs and murdering some guy. Milo catches Nicole, but before he can turn her in, they are interrupted by the bookies and the crooked cop. As they alternately run from and look for the guys causing them trouble, they begin to work together and end up back in love.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Bounty Hunter

Review - Bounty Hunter, The

It should have been better, but it wasn't, perhaps because I've seen this plot so many times before.
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