The Blue Gardenia

directed by Fritz Lang
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1953
Date Added:01/08/2016
Date Watched:01/08/2016
Description:Norah (Anne Baxter) receives a break-up letter from her boyfriend. On an impulse, she accepts a date with Harry Prebble (Raymond Burr), a womanizing artist. Harry gets Norah drunk and takes her to his apartment. When he gets too aggressive, they struggle. Norah blacks out. She wakes up at home with no memory of the evening, then learns that Harry has been murdered in his apartment. She thinks she did it and tries to hide the evidence. Reporter Casey Mayo (Richard Conte) posts a letter asking the murderess to meet with him in exchange for the best lawyer the paper can buy. Norah responds, and Mayo falls in love with her. At their next meeting, police captain Haynes (George Reeves) shows up and arrests Norah. But Mayo isn't satisfied that the woman he loves is a killer. He investigates with Haynes and tracks down the real murderess, a clerk at a record store who was jealous that Harry had another girl. Norah is acquitted, and we are left with the impression that she will end up with Mayo.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Blue Gardenia

Review - Blue Gardenia, The

While I liked the characters in this movie (except Conte's Mayo, who seemed to old for his role), it was pretty lightweight and had tons of holes. For example, during Norah's first meeting with Mayo, she pretends it's her friend who committed the murder. At first, he keeps slipping and assuming it was really her, then suddenly seems to be buying it completely with no explanation. The worst was how easily the real murderess was found. Mayo and Haynes walk into the record store and ask to see the clerk. She immediately goes into the bathroom and attempts suicide, then confesses all.
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