Before We Go

directed by Chris Evans
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2014
Date Added:03/03/2016
Date Watched:03/03/2016
Description:Nick (Chris Evans) is an aspiring trumpet player. He is invited to a wedding reception in NYC but is hesitant to go because his ex-girlfriend is there with another guy and he's been pining for her for six years. He meets Brooke (Alice Eve), a married woman who needs to get home to Boston before her husband does so she can remove a hateful letter she left on the bed after she found out he was fooling around. but she misses her train. Nick offers to help, and they spend the night wandering around NYC trying to find money to get her home and — encouraging each other to get over the things that are holding them back in life. When the morning comes, Brooke heads home to face her husband. Nick is determined to get over his ex and pursue his music. They are a little in love with each other and sad to part, but know it's the right thing.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Before We Go

Review - Before We Go

Slow-moving, somewhat sad, but remarkably realistic for the most part, not in all the particulars, but in the sense that I can see two people having the basic experience and having it go this way.
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