Wonder Woman

directed by Patty Jenkins
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:2017
Date Added:07/11/2017
Date Watched:07/10/2017
Description:Diana (Gal Gadot) lives on a secret island populated only by women. She trains as a fighter in case Ares, god of war returns. One day a soldier, Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) crashes his plane. He tells Diana about WWI and she decides that it's all because of Ares. She determines to return with Steve and end the war by killing Ares. Meanwhile, she and Steve fall in love. She finds Ares and kills him, and the war ends, but not before Steve sacrifices himself to eliminate a powerful weapon. But she realizes that humans have hatred and love inside them and sometimes wars and death will happen. She decides to stick around and help all she can.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Wonder Woman

Review - Wonder Woman

Entertaining for the most part, but the plot falls quickly to any test of logic and the CGI was way overdone, as always. I get a bit irritated when Christians see things in movies that suggest, for example, that humans can be bad or good and see it as some deep theological theme that's worth celebrating.
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