The Little Colonel

directed by David Butler
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1935
Date Added:03/29/2018
Date Watched:03/29/2018
Description:Colonel Lloyd (Lionel Barrymore) disinherits his daughter Elizabeth when she marries Jack Sherman, a Yankee. The couple move west and have a daughter, Lloyd (Shirley Temple). Jack decides to seek his fortune in the west and sends his wife and daughter to live in a cottage near the Colonel's house. Lloyd makes friends with her Grandpa. Meanwhile, Jack is tricked into buying worthless land and returns home sick and broke. The men who sold him the bad land find out the railroad wants it and show up to demand the deed at gunpoint. Lloyd runs to get her grandfather who arrives in time to save the day. He reconciles with his daughter and her husband. Bill "Bojangles" Robinson played the Colonels butler and had a couple dance scenes with Shirley Temple.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Little Colonel

Review - Little Colonel, The

I'm not at all a fan of movies about precocious little girls, but Shirley Temple had talent. I didn't dislike the movie as much as I expected to. The famous stairway dance was fun.
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