Blade Runner 2049

directed by Denis Villeneuve
Category: "Fantasy"
Year of Release:2017
Date Added:12/02/2018
Date Watched:12/02/2018
Description:K (Ryan Gosling) is a late-model replicant who is programmed obey the authorities. He's also a Blade Runner, sent to kill earlier models who have escaped. When he kills one of them, he find evidence that Rachael (from the first movie) had a child and died in childbirth. K thinks that he's the child. He hunts Deckard (Harrison Ford) down to find out. But others are after the truth too, because the technology for building replicants capable of breeding has been lost. K finds Deckard, but accidentally leads the seekers to him. Deckard is captured, but K goes after him and rescues him, even though he knows he isn't the child. He figures out who the child is and takes Deckard to her just before K dies from injuries he got while rescuing Deckard.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Blade Runner 2049

Review - Blade Runner 2049

Very slow moving. It lasted almost three hours and felt like six. Gosling played his character so stoic, it was impossible to care what he thought or felt, or what happened to him. Harrison Ford didn't bring much life—it was hard seeing him as the same character. The only character in the movie with any life was Joi, the hologram of K's apartment computer.
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