Batman and Robin

directed by Spencer Bennet
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1949
Date Added:12/04/2018
Date Watched:12/04/2018
Description:A 15-chapter serial with Robert Lowery as Batman and Johnny Duncan as the thuggish Robin. They face off against the wizard, a criminal mastermind who has a "remote control machine" that enables him to take control of any vehicle within 50 miles. It apparently allows him to blow them up too.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Batman and Robin

Review - Batman and Robin

Intended as a sequel to the 1943 serials even though the actors are different. This time, Commissioner Gordon and Vickie Vale are along for the ride. The costumes are slightly less cheesy, although Batman's mask features a Cyrano de Bergerac nose that looks ridiculous. The production values are no better. In the one episode I watched, the cliffhanger has Batman and Robin in an airplane that blows up. I watched the beginning of the next episode to see how they escaped. Turns out they used the clever ploy of opening the door and leaving before the explosion.
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