It's Always Fair Weather

directed by Stanley Donen
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1955
Date Added:03/21/2019
Date Watched:03/21/2019
Description:The buddies from the war vow to get together in 10 years. When they do, things don't go well. Doug (Dan Dailey) wanted to be a famous painter but is just doing animation for TV ads. Angie (Michael Kidd) wanted to be a famous chef but just owns a roadside diner. Ted (Gene Kelly) wanted to go into law and politics, but he's just a drifter, managing a boxer and looking for an easy score. The three guys don't hit it off at all. Ted meets Jackie (Cyd Charisse), the producer of a TV show about New York. She gets an idea to feature the three friends on the show and tricks them all into showing up. Meanwhile. Ted and Jackie hit it off, and Ted decides that if Jackie likes him, he must not be too far gone. He sees to it that the fight is cancelled. On the TV show, some roughs show up to grab Ted for messing up the fix. The three army buddies join up to defeat the bad guys and become friends again. Ted and Jackie end up together.
My Rating:5

Reviews for It's Always Fair Weather

Review - It's Always Fair Weather

Dull, with no memorable songs. The only dance number at all interesting was Kelly dancing down the street on roller skates. The plot, such as it was, was silly and dull.
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