Brief Encounter

directed by David Lean
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1945
Date Added:03/31/2019
Date Watched:03/31/2019
Description:Laura Jesson (Celia Johnson), wife and mother, meets the married Dr. Alec Harvey (Trevor Howard) by chance in a railway station when he helps her get a piece of soot out of her eye. A second chance encounter leads to lunch and a movie and an emotional affair. The confess their love for one another and manage to meet in the apartment of Alec's friend, but the friend comes home before anything happens. Alec takes a job in South Africa. He and Laura spend one last day together but their goodbyes's are interrupted by a busy-body friend of Laura's. Laura goes home sad and depressed. Her husband knows something's up, but only thanks her for coming back to him and gives her a hug.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Brief Encounter

Review - Brief Encounter

It's considered terribly romantic by many, but I found it hard to root for the couple, not just because they were flirting with adultery, but because the movie didn't give me a reason to want them to get together.
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