Lady of the Tropics

directed by Jack Conway
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1939
Date Added:07/21/2019
Date Watched:07/21/2019
Description:American Bill Carey (Robert Taylor) goes to Saigon where he meets the beautiful half-caste Manon (Hedy Lamarr) and falls in love. But Manon is pursued by Pierre Delaroch, a wealthy Frenchman who wants her but has no intention of marrying her. Bill and Manon marry, but Delaroch arranges it so that Manon can never get a passport out of the country. When she realizes the hopelessness of her situation, she kills him and then herself.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Lady of the Tropics

Review - Lady of the Tropics

Not a terrible concept for a movie, but ruined by the casting of Lamarr who doesn't look at all like she's half Asian and can't actually act.
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