You Can't Get Away with Murder

directed by Lewis Seiler
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1939
Date Added:07/28/2019
Date Watched:07/28/2019
Description:Johnnie Stone (Billy Halop) falls in with petty thief Frank Wilson (Humphrey Bogart). Johnnie's sister Madge (Gale Page) is engaged to a cop named Fred. Johnnie steals Fred's gun and takes it on a robbery with Frank. When the store owner sets off the alarm, Frank shoots him and leaves Fred's gun on the scene. Johnnie and Frank get put in prison for another job, and Fred is convicted of the murder. Frank convinces Johnnie to keep his mouth shut, but when Fred is about to be electrocuted, Johnnie confesses. Frank shoots him, but not before the truth is out. Johnnie dies, but Fred is freed.
My Rating:5

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Review - You Can't Get Away with Murder

Perhaps the sappiest and most cliched movie I've ever seen.
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