No Time for Comedy

directed by William Keighley
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1940
Date Added:08/19/2019
Date Watched:08/19/2019
Description:Small town playwright Gaylord Esterbrook (James Stewart) writes a successful Broadway comedy, to the surprise of everyone. Everyone, that is, except leading lady Linda Paige (Rosalind Russell). She proposes to Gaylord, who goes on to write three more hits. During a dry spell, he meets Amanda (Genevieve Tobin), who fancies herself a muse. She inspires Gaylord to write a drama, and soon he wants to divorce Linda and marry Amanda. Only when the drama is a complete flop does Gaylord realize his stupidity. Linda is waiting to take him back.
My Rating:6

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Review - No Time for Comedy

Stewart was a jerk in this one. Rosalind Russell carried the story as the put-upon, wife who never lost faith.
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