Bhowani Junction

directed by George Cukor
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1956
Date Added:08/22/2019
Date Watched:08/22/2019
Description:Col. Rodney Savage (Stewart Granger) is an English officer sent to India to keep things under control on the railroad during the British withdrawal. Most of the Indians follow Gandhi, who wants peaceful resistance. But Ghanshyam is a communist and wants a violent takeover. On Savage's staff is Victoria Jones (Ava Gardner), a half-English, half-Indian officer. She is engaged to Patrick Taylor (Bill Travers), also a half-caste, but they soon break up because he thinks of himself as English and Victoria can't escape her English half. One night Victoria is almost raped by a British officer. She kills him in self defense. She tries to hide what she did by becoming Indian and marrying an Indian man, but in the end she realizes she can't become completely Indian either. She flees and ends up in Savage's rail car. Exhausted, she tells him her troubles and he helps get her clear. But then she is kidnapped by Ghanshyam, who plans to kill Gandhi. Savage and Taylor rush to rescue her. Taylor is killed, but Savage kills Ghanshyam before he can complete his plot. Savage asks Victoria to marry him and move back to England. She knows she belongs in India, so he tells her he'll live in India with her. She agrees.
My Rating:6

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Review - Bhowani Junction

Not really my kind of movie, and not one I would watch again, but it entertained me enough to pass the time.
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