directed by Ronald Neame
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1966
Date Added:08/25/2019
Date Watched:08/25/2019
Description:Harry (Michael Caine) is a thief to wants to steal a valuable bust of an ancient oriental queen from Shahbandar (Herbert Lom). He finds a showgirl named Nicole (Shirley MacLaine) who resembles the queen and uses her as a way to get to Shahbandar. All goes as planned except that Shahbandar is on to the scheme. Nicole is caught and told to make Harry return the bust. Harry reveals that he didn't actually steal it—he hid it in Shahbandar's house. His plot all along was to gain publicity and then sell a forgery as the real thing. Nicole refuses to go along with it, but rather than risk losing her (because he's grown to love her) he destroys the forgery. What he doesn't know is that his partner who made the forgery made several copies.
My Rating:6

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Review - Gambit

Sorta fun, but a bit slow moving. Caine plays Harry so straight and serious that he has little personality and gives the viewer no reason to understand why Nicole would fall for him.
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