All in a Night's Work

directed by Joseph Anthony
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1961
Date Added:08/25/2019
Date Watched:11/07/2019
Description:Katie Robbins (Shirley MacLaine) was vacationing in Florida when she saved an old drunk from drowning in the hotel pool. She took him up to his room, but he got frisky, so she had to escape across the balcony to another room. It turned out the occupant of that room was dead, so she ran out in the hall where she was seen by the hotel detective. The dead man was a magazine mogul. His nephew Tony Ryder (Dean Martin) took over the company and expected Katie to blackmail to avoid scandal. When he finds out Katie works in his own company, Tony meets with her to find out how much she's blackmailing him for. She has no idea what's going on, and neither does her boyfriend Warren (Cliff Robertson). By the time Tony figures out Katie is no threat, he's fallen in love with her.
My Rating:5

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Review - All in a Night's Work

Shirley MacLaine was cute in her roll, but Dean Martin's character made no sense, which kinda fit in well with the plot.
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