Northern Pursuit

directed by Raoul Walsh
Category: "Action/Adventure"
Year of Release:1943
Date Added:08/26/2019
Date Watched:08/26/2019
Description:Steve Wagner (Errol Flynn) is a Mountie. During WWII, he captures a German spy in northern Canada, but the spy soon escapes. Steve and his superiors hatch a scheme in which they fake Steve's expulsion from the Mounties on the grounds of disloyalty. The Germans hire him to take them into the wilderness. They know he's an enemy, but they need him as a guide. The Germans have the parts of a bomber hidden in a remote mine. The assemble it and plan to destroy the locks on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Steve manages to kill the Germans one by one and parachute out of the plane before it crashes. Julie Bishop is along to be Steve's love interest Laura.
My Rating:6

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Review - Northern Pursuit

Doesn't stand up to a lot of thinking, but it's a cheery enough pro-Canada, anti-Nazi propaganda film.
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