The Long Voyage Home

directed by John Ford
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1940
Date Added:09/21/2019
Date Watched:09/21/2019
Description:The lives of crewmen aboard a tramp steamer at the beginning of WWII. Driscoll is the leader of the bunch, which includes Olsen (John Wayne), Smitty, Yank, Cocky, and Axel. They fight with each other and care for each other. Yank dies in an accident. Smitty dies when the ship is attacked by a German plane. Back in England, the rest want to get Olsen on a ship for Sweden so he can start a farm. They get drunk on the way. Olsen is drugged and put aboard another ship, but the rest of the crew rescue him and put him on his right ship for home. Driscoll is taken instead and dies when his ship is torpedoed. The rest spend a night drinking and return to their old ship.
My Rating:5

Reviews for The Long Voyage Home

Review - Long Voyage Home, The

Based on four plays by Eugene O'Neill. Supposed to be a meaningful look into the lives of sailors, but I found it predictable and dull.
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