The Story of Mankind

directed by Irwin Allen
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1957
Date Added:10/23/2019
Date Watched:10/23/2019
Description:The devil (Vincent Price) and the spirit of mankind (Ronald Colman) debate before an outer space tribunal whether humans should be allowed to continue living or to blow themselves up with the "super H bomb." The take turns pointing out the evil and good that man had done over the centuries. In the end, the judge rules that the jury is still out and man will be allowed more time to prove whether he is good or evil. Hedy Lamarr is Joan of Arc. Groucho Marx is Peter Minuit (who bought Manhattan from the Indians. Harpo is Isaac Newton. Even Chico makes a brief showing as a monk who talks with Christopher Columbus. Virginia Mayo is Cleopatra. Agnes Moorehead is a very shrill Queen Elizabeth I. A lot of other famous actors made cameos as various personalities.
My Rating:2

Reviews for The Story of Mankind

Review - Story of Mankind, The

I watched it because it was the last Marx Brothers movie, although they didn't appear in the same scenes. The movie wanted to be meaningful, but the stupidity of the plot, the terrible casting, and the frequent resorting to humor and camp — not to mention the fact that it was simply boring, just made it bad. There were references to the Bible—Moses makes an appearance, and the Bible is the final argument of the spirit of man, although what he claimed it proved was very vague. In the end, it was mans' "inherent moral" something or other that made him worth a second chance. So not only was it a terrible plot with terrible casting and acting, but it was theologically wrong.
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