directed by Richard Brooks
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1950
Date Added:11/01/2019
Date Watched:11/01/2019
Description:While vacationing in South America, Dr. Eugene Ferguson (Cary Grant) and his wife Helen (Paula Raymond) are arrested and taken to the residence of dictator Raoul Farrago (Jose Ferrer). Farrago is dying of a brain tumor. Ferguson doesn't like Ferrago, but as a doctor feels like he has to do what he can. The locals, led by Gonzales (Gilbert Roland) insist that Ferguson let Farrago die. When things heat up, Ferguson sends Helen home, but she's taken captive by the rebels. Gonzales sends a note to Ferguson to tell him that Helen will die if Ferrago lives, but Ferrago's wife destroys it. The operation goes well, but when the rebels find out Ferrago lives, they attack. Ferrago gets angry, causing his brain to bleed, which soon kills him. Gonzales lets Helen go, and while he's explaining to Ferguson why all is well, a stray bullet hits him. As the movie ends, Gonzales is begging Ferguson to save him.
My Rating:7

Reviews for Crisis

Review - Crisis

Certainly a lot more serious than most of Cary Grant's movies. Even though it felt dated and somewhat simplistic in some ways, the politics and the drama felt real. It's probably not a movie I'd want to watch again, but it kept my attention and had me rooting for Ferguson.
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