Blue Skies

directed by Stuart Heisler
Category: "Musical"
Year of Release:1946
Date Added:11/20/2019
Date Watched:07/11/2021
Description:Dancer Jed (Fred Astaire) is in love with Mary (Joan Caulfield), but she only has eyes for singer/nightclub owner Johnny (Bing Crosby). Johnny is restless and keeps selling his clubs and opening new ones in different cities. He marries Mary, but in a few years his instability causes her to leave. Years later, Jed and Johnny are putting on a radio show, and Mary shows up. The three leave together.
My Rating:5

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Review - Blue Skies

The plot took about as much time to unfold as it takes to read my summary above. The movie was just an excuse to show Bing singing and Fred dancing. It included Bing singing the title song and Fred dancing to Puttin' On the Ritz
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