Key to the City

directed by George Sidney
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1950
Date Added:12/04/2019
Date Watched:12/04/2019
Description:Clarissa Standish (Loretta Young) from Maine is the only female mayor at a convention in San Francisco. Clarissa is a Harvard graduate trained as a lawyer, and she expects to get things done at the convention. She immediately runs into Steve Fisk (Clark Gable) a former longshoreman who has been elected mayor in his California town to root out corruption. Clarissa and Steve get into some silly situations that put them in jail and in the news. They fall in love despite their very different backgrounds. There's some misunderstanding (as there always is) that doesn't get resolved before Steve has to rush back to his town to keep the corrupt politicians from taking over. Clarissa follows to head off her uncle who has come out for the wedding. Of course the two mayors reconcile and manage to beat off the opposition in a silly brawl in the mayor's office.
My Rating:4

Reviews for Key to the City

Review - Key to the City

This was a mess of a movie. There was no chemistry between Gable and Young (perhaps because he supposedly date raped her several years earlier). The plot was nonsense and the actors delivered the dialogue like they were making it up as they went along.
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