Romance on the High Seas

directed by Michael Curtiz
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1948
Date Added:12/08/2019
Date Watched:12/08/2019
Description:When her husband Michael Kent (Don DeFore) tells her he can't go on their planned cruise to South America, Elvira (Janis Paige) figures he's cheating on her. She hires nightclub singer Georgia Garrett (Doris Day) to take the cruise in her place so she can spy on her husband. Meanwhile, Michael hires a detective, Peter Virgil (Jack Carson) to take the cruise and keep an eye on Elvira (who is really Georgia). Of course, Georgia and Virgil fall in love. Michael and Elvira travel separately to South America to check on each other. There's all sorts of confusion, but the Kents end up together and Peter marries Georgia.
My Rating:5

Reviews for Romance on the High Seas

Review - Romance on the High Seas

One of those dump plots that wouldn't work if anyone actually listened to and believed the people they were supposed to be in love with. This was Doris Day's first film role, and even though she was billed fourth, she pretty much carried the movie.
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