Brides Are Like That

directed by William C. McGann
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1936
Date Added:01/22/2020
Date Watched:01/22/2020
Description:Bill (Ross Alexander) is a smooth-talking young man with an aversion to work and a hankering for Hazel Robinson (Anita Louise). But Hazel is engaged to a respectable doctor. Bill manages to convince Hazel to dump the doctor and marry him. But that still leaves him without a job. His uncle owns apple orchards and his father-in-law owns an apple marketing business. Bill invents a crate for shipping apples so that they stay fresh and both his uncle and father-in-law are finally impressed with him and give him half their businesses.
My Rating:6

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Review - Brides Are Like That

The character of Bill McAllister was just oily. I enjoyed watching Anita Louise. I can't remember seeing her in a movie before.
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