Boys Night Out

directed by Michael Gorden
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1962
Date Added:01/24/2020
Date Watched:01/24/2020
Description:Four guy friends, three of them married (Tony Randall, Howard Duff, and Howard Morris) and Fred, who is single (James Garner) decide to share an apartment where they keep a woman. Fred is against the idea, but he manages to find a suitable place for cheap. the Cathy (Kim Novak) walks in looking for a place to live and announces that she will take on the job. Fred tries to talk her out of it, not realizing that Cathy has no plans to get involved with any of the men. She's a sociology student studying the sexual fantasies of married men. As the men takes turn visiting her on different nights, she discovers that one just wants to talk because his wife won't listen, another just wants to fix things because his wife always hires repairmen to keep up appearances, and the third just wants to eat because his wife has him on a diet. The wives suspect something is going on and hire a detective. Fred and Cathy fall in love. There's a much confusion and noise, but all the men end up back with their wives and Fred marries Cathy.
My Rating:5

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Review - Boys Night Out

Annoying more than anything. And I still can't decide if Kim Novak is attractive.
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