Above Suspicion

directed by Richard Thorpe
Category: "Suspense"
Year of Release:1943
Date Added:01/26/2020
Date Watched:01/26/2020
Description:Professor Richard Myles (Fred MacMurray) and his bride Frances (Joan Crawford) are on their way to Germany for their honeymoon shortly before WWII breaks out. They are asked to contact an agent who has the German plans for magnetic mines. The Myles think it's something of a lark to be spies, but things soon escalate. They meet von Aschenhausen, an old friend of Richards from Oxford, but they don't realize he's now a Nazi. Richard makes the contact and gets the plans, but Frances is captured. With the aid of a German agent (Conrad Veidt), Richard rescues Frances and the three make it across the border into Italy.
My Rating:7

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Review - Above Suspicion

Weird movie that plays like a lark for the first two-thirds and then suddenly involves Nazis and killing and all sorts of danger. It was a bit hard to believe, but fun enough to watch.
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