Whistling in the Dark

directed by S. Sylvan Simon
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1941
Date Added:01/27/2020
Date Watched:01/27/2020
Description:Wally Benton (Red Skelton) plays the Fox, a radio detective. He's engaged to his costar Carol (Ann Rutherford) and being pursued by Fran (Virginia Grey), the daughter of the show's sponsor. Joseph Jones (Conrad Veidt) the head of a cult, kidnaps Wally to force him to come up with a perfect murder plot so Jones can kill a man and get his money. Jones also kidnaps Carol and Fran to force Wally to cooperate. Wally comes up with an idea for poison, but switches the real stuff for sugar. His plan goes wrong and one of Jones henchmen takes the real poison to the intended victim. Wally and the two women figure out how to turn a radio into a telephone and get his producers to plug into the Fox show. Wally reveals the plot, saves the intended victim's life, and gets Jones and his men arrested.
My Rating:5

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Pure ridiculous slapstick
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