Escape from East Berlin

directed by Robert Siodmak
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:1962
Date Added:02/08/2020
Date Watched:02/08/2020
Description:Kurt Schroder (Don Murray) watches his friend Gunther try and fail to escape East Berlin by crashing a truck through the wall. When Gunther's sister Erika (Christine Kaufmann) comes looking for her brother, Kurt decides to get her and his family out of East Berlin by digging a tunnel under the wall. The whole family and some trusted friends take turns. There are many near escapes, but eventually they succeed in getting 28 people out of East Berlin just as the police raid the house. Werner Klemperer plays one of the escapees.
My Rating:7

Reviews for Escape from East Berlin

Review - Escape from East Berlin

Since it was filmed in 1962, the movie had an authentic feel. The action wasn't overdone either, and the suspense built slowly. Maybe not a movie to watch over and over, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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