Fearless Fagan

directed by Stanley Donen
Category: "Comedy"
Year of Release:1952
Date Added:02/08/2020
Date Watched:02/08/2020
Description:Floyd Hilston (Carleton Carpenter) is a clown in a circus who performs with his lion Fagan. When Floyd is drafted, he brings the lion with him because he's afraid the regular lion tamer will mistreat him. He keeps Fagan hidden in a truck in the woods. When Hollywood singer Abby Ames (Janet Leigh) visits the base, she stumbled upon Fagan and reports to the Colonel. Hilston finds a couple on a farm who are willing to take the lion, but Fagan soon escapes again. Hilston's only option is to sell Fagan to the circus, but when the lion tamer shows up and mistreats him, Fagan attacks. Injured, the lion runs into the woods. Hilston follows and is injured by the lion himself but can't bring himself to kill it. Abby, who by this time is sweet on Hilston, adopts the lion and keeps it at her Hollywood mansion.
My Rating:5

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Review - Fearless Fagan

Based on a true story about a guy who owned a lion and got drafted and had to find a home for it. The lion in the movie is the actual lion, and the actual owner did the lion wrangling. The movie, however, was pretty silly and most likely to be enjoyed by children.
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