Along the Great Divide

directed by Raoul Walsh
Category: "Western"
Year of Release:1951
Date Added:03/05/2020
Date Watched:03/05/2020
Description:U.S. Marshal Len Merrick (Kirk Douglas) stops a rancher Roden and his men from killing rustler Pop Keith (Walter Brennan). Roden accuses Keith of killing his son. Merrick determines to take Keith to court for a trial. Along with them comes Ann (Virginia Mayo). Along the way, Merrick's two deputies are killed. He also takes Roden's other son prisoner. Merrick falls in love with Ann but determines to carry out the law. Keith is found guilty of murder, but at the last minute, Merrick proves that Roden's son killed his brother. Keith is released and Merrick and Ann ride off together.
My Rating:6

Reviews for Along the Great Divide

Review - Along the Great Divide

A muddle of a movie that doesn't stand up to any thought. For example, Keith admitted to rustling, but is let free when he's acquitted for murder. Both Keith and Ann switch about every 12 seconds from wanting to kill Merrick to understanding that he's just doing his job. For a movie with so many stars, it was a mess.
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