Cas & Dylan

directed by Jason Priestley
Category: "Drama"
Year of Release:2013
Date Added:05/26/2020
Date Watched:05/26/2020
Description:Dr. Cas Pepper (Richard Dreyfuss) is dying of a brain tumor. He decides to head to his cottage in Vancouver and end his life. Unexpectedly, he ends up giving a ride to a young, unconventional, pregnant woman named Dylan (Tatiana Maslany). At first he just wants to get rid of her, but by the end of the trip, they have become good friends. Cas gives Dylan the encouragement to pursue a career as a writer.
My Rating:6

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Review - Cas & Dylan

Richard Dreyfuss was Richard Dreyfuss, only old and sad. But Tatiana Maslany's character was amazing—confused, hurting, but caring and positive. She made the movie. Unfortunately, the movie excused suicide while not really approving of it.
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