The Last Dance

directed by Jason Hehir
Category: "Documentary"
Year of Release:2020
Date Added:08/02/2020
Date Watched:08/02/2020
Description:A ten-part documentary on the Chicago Bulls during the Jordan era, with looks at the backgrounds of Jordan, Jackson, Pippen, and Rodman, interviews with players, coaches, and media personalities, highlights, and off-the-court stories.
My Rating:6

Reviews for The Last Dance

Review - Last Dance, The

I was a fan from the time Michael began gaining attention through the end of the title run, although less so after the Bulls acquired Rodman. So a lot of the series brought back memories (although I'd forgotten a lot). I enjoyed the earlier episodes more. I thought it went on too long. And the more I found out about some of the players, the less impressed I was. Oh, and they all like to swear a lot.

I don't think I've watched more than 30 minutes of NBA, if that, since Jordan retired, so all the stuff about how he changed the culture and made basketball popular with everyone doesn't apply to me.
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